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We’re In A Virtual World

So much has changed since a month ago. We attend church via Facebook, we visit family via FaceTime, we attend office meetings via Zoom, our real estate customers can tour homes via Virtual Showings and online shopping is more important than ever.

It’s a good time to be thankful to have these resources available during this difficult time of COVID-19. We can still feel connected to our faith, family, friends and customers. But nothing will replace face-to-face interaction, driving a customer through a neighborhood, touring homes in person and sharing this wonderful place we live.

We wonder . . . has our World changed forever? Have we leaped so far virtually that we will not look back? Will more people work from home? Will less people travel to attend a meeting? And, will we connect more often with our family and friends?

Yes, some changes will occur. We will be more aware and wiser as we were after the tragedy of 911. However, our human spirit, need for contact and ability to overcome will persevere. With every disaster, the brightest lights shine with an overflow of goodness . . . offers of sacrifice, offers to help anyone in need, uplifting stories of our local heroes. Think forward, be happy, pray for others and believe brighter days are around the corner.