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Thank You Healthcare Heroes

In times of crisis we see so many of our friends, family and neighbors step up to assist those in need.  Today we celebrate our Healthcare Heroes, those on the front line who work tirelessly to save and care for our sick.  We must recognize their sacrifice of separating from their families and putting themselves at risk.  And they persevere setting their emotions aside to aide others.

In our community, one Realtor had a vision that was brought to life.  So many Realtors, including myself, have donated money for quality meals to be delivered to local hospitals and fire stations.  In 25 days over $30,000.00 has been raised – this equates to over 1,200 meals.  100% of the money goes directly to local restaurants who prepare these meals that are individually delivered by Realtors.  Through thick and thin, our Healthcare Heroes are here for us.  We salute you!

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