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How to Choose the Right Home For You

How do you know what type of home will suit you and your family best? Whether deciding between a single-family home, condo, or town home, let’s look at some outside factors to help narrow down your search.


First and foremost, knowing where you want to live is crucial to later finding the type of home that will suit your lifestyle. If you enjoy downtown living then a condo or town house might be the right option for you; however, you might find a single family home a short commute away for a similar price point. If you are moving somewhere for reasons outside your control, i.e. a new job, a family member, etc., then looking at factors other than location will help you narrow down your search. Let’s dive into those below.


Being pre-approved, prior to shopping, will let you know what price point you can afford. Your lender will provide you important information such as closing costs, required down payment, etc. I recommend Prosperity Mortgage locally. Next, make a list of what you can’t live without and a separate wish list. Keep in mind that some condos, at first glance, appear to be more affordable than single-family homes; however, be sure to understand all condo fees and what is included in the fee. Compare apples to apples.


Single-family homes always give you more than a wall separating you from your neighbors. Also, they often offer private outdoor space, a front and back yard, private pool, etc. Nonetheless, condos are a great option for people who desire to live a more social lifestyle. Resort style amenities such as communal pools and living in close proximity to others is what you sign up for when you buy a condo, and in some cases, a town house – plus, not all condos offer private outdoor space.


Ownership of a single-family home includes the living space inside the home plus the land it sits on, whereas the ownership of a condo or town home include only the living space inside the home. Whether you are retired or have young or grown kids, maintaining a lawn may be the last thing you want to have on your list for the weekend – if that’s the case consider a town home or a condo where there is outdoor and indoor common space but all outdoor space is maintained by the HOA. There are several maintenance-included single-family home subdivisions as well which broadens your options.


We all know that our pets are a part of our family, one thing to consider when deciding on a condo or single-family home is accommodating our furry companions. If you have an energetic animal, it may be more of a priority for you to find a single-family home with a yard or a type of home near a park. Otherwise, if your animal is more relaxed then they might thrive in condo or town home living. And always be sure to check if the neighborhood or development will allow your pet before initiating an offer. Asking for a copy of by-laws and rules/regulations is always helpful during the buyer process.

Ultimately, deciding between buying a home, a condo, or town home depends on your lifestyle and preferences in your current stage of life. Your realtor is there to help you every step of the way through your decision-making process, call or text Pam at 941-993-3388 or email at