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Downtown Parking Guide

Park Smart | The New Downtown Parking Program

A smarter, more efficient way to park – this improves accessibility, is better walking distance to restaurants & stores and ultimately saves time for consumers.

With the continued growth of downtown Sarasota, the new parking program opens up an opportunity to its citizens and visitors. The ParkMobile app allows users to see where available parking spots are located, get reminders for parking expiration, and even pay for metered spaces. Also, the app is easy to navigate and available on both on iPhone and Android.

The new pay stations for on-street parking are set up to be extremely user friendly and are as simple to use as an ATM. And they are all conveniently located on the same block as the metered space. All pay stations provide 10 minutes of free parking, after that you pay $1.50 an hour. To use one, touch the screen, enter your vehicle license plate, select your form of payment, and that’s it! No receipt needed for your dashboard either. And if you want to add additional time you can do so at any pay station with your plate or transaction number. Or skip the fuss all together and make an account on the app, everything can be done from there as well.

Also, both the State Street and Palm Avenue parking garages offer free parking for the first 2 hours. In other words, you can spend more time strolling the beautiful streets of downtown and less time worrying about your expired parking space. All garages are safe, easy to use and well lit!

Paid Parking is enforced: Monday-Saturday, 10 am – 8 pm
No payment paid on: Holidays recognized by the city of Sarasota
Judicial parking district: Monday-Friday, 8 am – 5 pm

For more information, download the ParkMobile App on your smartphone device or visit