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7 Tips For Working From Home

1. Get ready in the morning.

It’s scientifically proven we are more productive throughout the day when we change out of our pajamas, make our bed, and stick to our regular routines — such as having a cup of coffee when we sit down at our desk!

2. Set a schedule.

Whether you stick to your regular 9-5 or not, make a schedule and try to stick to it. Work/life balance is important. Decompress – go for a walk once you’re done working for the day. You will return feeling refreshed and refocused.

3. Set up your space for the day.

Whether you love settling at your kitchen island or you have a cozy home office, remember you don’t have to work in the same spot every day. Freshen things up throughout the week for a new perspective. You’ll be surprised how productive you can be. Just make a point to start your day asking yourself where you want to be and set up a space there.

4. Set ground rules with people in your space.

Working from home with your loved ones may cause distractions – especially if you have kids at home. Divide your responsibilities in the beginning of the day and communicate with your spouse when you have a scheduled meeting. That way everyone has realistic expectations and no one losses productivity throughout their workday.

5. Stay connected to you colleagues.

When you’re used to being in an office with your co-workers 8 hours a day – 5 days a week, shifting to once every 2 weeks may mean things will fall through the cracks. Make a point to reach out to your co-workers throughout the day by shooting them an email or connecting through a group chat. That way you’re keeping high functionality as a team and your customers still receive top notch customer service.

6. Take advantage of training opportunities.

Throughout this time where business is slower, it’s a great opportunity to better yourself and better your business by taking advantage of any training opportunities offered. Not only will your customers benefit in the long run but you will too.

7. Stay positive.

In times of uncertainty, it’s easy to focus on fear of the unknown. Maintaining a positive attitude and reminding yourself that COVID-19 won’t be around forever will keep you upbeat. In the workplace, especially when working with customers, it’s important to be positive and a compass for those who may be caught up in their fears. A lot can be said for positive language – when talking on the phone, sending an email or texting – be precise while also being positive. Never underestimate the impact of a smiley face or a simple explanation point – it can make all the difference! 😊