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Robert Reffkin, CEO of Compass visits Sarasota

As part of the West Coast Experience, held here in Sarasota in April, the co-founder and CEO of Compass spent time with agents from all over the state. With over 200 in attendance, Robert shared his thoughts on the current market, both local and national as well as his vision for Compass’s continued growth.

It was quite an honor hosting this event at our Sarasota office with agents from Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Naples, 30A visiting Sarasota….some for the first time. We enjoyed educational sessions, networking amongst some of the brightest agents in the state. Our broker, Imra Schrer, and Agent Experience Manager, Julie Holcomb were terrific hosts.

Compass is the #1 Independent brokerage in the US in 2021 and 2022 based in New York City.

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