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HOMESELLERS – 10 Ways To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

1. Declutter

Eliminate business throughout the house. Not only will this make the space appear open and spacious but it will help make your life easier when it’s time for you to move!

2. CLEAN! (Or bring in a cleaning crew)

If you’re crunched for time or cleaning simply isn’t your strong suit, it may be time to splurge a little and hire a cleaning service to do a deep clean. Keep a cleaning schedule and deep clean every couple of weeks while your house is on the market – keeping it fresh as new!

3. Fix Any Broken Items

It’s time to fix that pesky doorknob in the garage that doesn’t latch right! Check your windows and make sure they stay up when they’re open. Hire a handyman or break out your toolbox to fix the little things around the house you’ve let slide. It makes all the difference when a buyer sees all the effort you’ve put in, even with the little things.

4. Neutralize

Drastic colors throughout your home can be a turn off to homebuyers. We all have different styles and the goal is for your home to appeal to as many people as possible so they can picture themselves living there. So it may be time to paint that bright yellow wall an off-white or another neutral color.

5. Stage Simply

Less is more! Greenery is the perfect addition to a home that brightens up a space and adds extra décor without going overboard. Décor trays are a great way to add simple décor without a lot of hassle. Also, consider removing most family photos if you have a ton throughout the house.

6. Designate A Place For Everything

Leave a space in your cabinets for your toaster and blender so you can easily stash them away when you have a showing. Your space will appear less cluttered and also it will help you stay organized.

7. Landscaping & Weeding

A few fresh planters and cleaning up the weeds growing around the house can make a huge difference. First impressions are lasting impressions.

8. Paint

Never underestimate a coat of fresh paint. It can change the look of the interior and exterior of your home from drab to fab!

9. Clean Your Carpets & Rugs

Just like a fresh coat of paint, getting your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned can make all the difference for how your home is viewed. This is definitely something to put on your list if you have pets or carpet stains.

10. Keep An Empty Laundry Basket Ready

For those projects or clothes you don’t quite have time to put away before a showing. Fill up that basket and throw it in the back of your car when you have to leave for a showing!